Licensed to do business

Maid Cleaning Service is a Licensed Company. We renew our license very year and keep it up to date


For your protecion

Now a days it's hard to trust just anyone to come into your home, We screen and check background on all our maids.


Accidents happen

accidents happen, but don't worry we got you covered.

At Maid Cleaning Service we put all of our customer first. We understand that we are all looking for that the great service that you will be happy with everytime we come out to clean your home. Below is a list of services we offer everytime we come to clean your home. We like to call it #4 Point system

1. Vacuum Hardwood & Entire Carpet 18. Dust Hanging Pictures
2. Make Beds & Change Linens 19. Remove Cobwebs
3. Clean Mirrors and Glasses 20. Clean Burners
4. Wash & Wax Floors 21. Clean Vents
5. Dust & Wipe Baseboards 22. Scrub Sinks
6. Clean Surface Appliances 23. Clean Stove
7. Clean Inside Microwave 24 Clean Ashtrays
8. Dust Top of Door Frames 25.Remove Trash
9. Clean Sliding Glass Doors 26.Polish Cabinets
10. Clean & Wipe Blinds 27. Dust Furniture
11. Dust & Wipe Window Sills 28. Wipe Cabinets
12. Clean Ceiling Fans 29. Polish Furniture
13. Dust Chandeliers & Lamps 30.Vacuum Furniture
14. Clean Fingerprints on Doors 31.Wash Counter Tops
15. Clean Front Door Windows 32 Dust/Wipe Stair Rails
16. Clean Inside Toaster Oven 33. Dust/Mop Hardwood Floors
17. Clean Bathrooms Completely 34. Clean Fingerprints on the walls

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Toll Free: 1(877) 573-8300
Local: (703) 538-9830
Address: 150 S. Washington St. Falls Church, VA 22046